We were initially worried about eating “on the road” for seven months as we figured it would be expensive, unhealthy, and probably not very good. To our pleasant surprise, we were treated to meals that were delicious, healthy, and made us feel like we were on a foodie tour of sorts. We want to share with you some of our favourite venues and “bests” in Ontario based on their food (not including house concerts or festivals).

Best Food: The Branch Restaurant & Texas Grill (Kemptville, ON) – http://www.thebranchrestaurant.ca/

The food was so good at this venue, that we had our agent book us for a 2nd performance during our tour (it wasn’t the only reason – besides incredible food, they have everything else going for them: really nice staff, a great ambience, and an attentive listening crowd).

Healthiest Food: Magnolia Café (Guelph, ON) – http://www.magnoliacatering.ca/

This restaurant specializes in vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free dishes. Magnolia was another venue that we returned to during our tour (including a residency in July) and we always felt great after every meal. Kevin was so inspired by their delicious noodle bowls, that he has since been making them regularly at home.

Best Dessert: The Black Angus of St. Mary’s (St. Mary’s, ON) – http://www.blackangusofstmarys.ca/

To be fair, we did not have dessert at every venue we played at and we can honestly say that we didn’t have a bad dessert anywhere, but the chocolate peanut butter pie and the coconut cream pie at The Black Angus are at the top of the list.

Best Coffee: The Bicycle Café (Flesherton, ON) – https://www.facebook.com/thebicycle.ca

The food, the dessert, and the coffee are fantastic at this venue. We had Maple Lattes the first time we played there and longed for them for months until our next performance.

 Other venues that deserve mentioning for their food:

Rocky Raccoon Café (Owen Sound, ON)
The Dam Pub (Thornbury, ON)
Bruce Wine Bar (Thornbury, ON)
Sharbot Lake Country Inn (Sharbot Lake, ON)For more photos, visit our Tour Food Gallery on our Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.712015295501773.1073741835.162626207107354&type=1

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